The seventh month is the charm for preggers

Unprecedented, indeed! Our beloved Natalie Fiore has made a grand return and boy, is she making waves in “The Seventh Month”! It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a model like Shyla Shy who was as generous in sharing her pregnancy journey. Our eyes have been glued to Natalie’s progress, her burgeoning belly bump constantly growing, now so large it’s impossible to ignore. And let’s not forget about those boobs – they’ve always been more than generously sized, but now they’re practically spilling over.

But here’s the thing, Natalie isn’t just parading around with her bump and boobs for show. She tells us that she rubs her bump every day, claims that it makes her hot. And well, we all know about the rather intense… needs… that pregnant women can have, right? Now, picture this – being pregnant, feeling hot, and being on-camera knowing you’re being watched. For Natalie, it’s a thrill like no other, knowing she’s driving you guys wild and that’s enough to drive anyone crazy!

Honestly though, Natalie didn’t have to do any of this. Pregnancy is a special, private time for many women and we respect that. Most wouldn’t have put themselves out there the way Natalie did. But she chose to do this for all you fans out there because she knows your… curiosity… for seeing preggo models. Stoking your flames gets her even hotter and honestly, it’s a sight to behold. Even us veteran SCORE people are amazed – seeing Natalie pregnant after all these years of photographing her is a landmark event. Trust us when we say, you want to see more of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!

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