Kim Velez performs well at the luxurious Big Boob Spa using oils

Kim Velez is known to savor her days at an exclusive big boob spa. This isn’t your average spa; it’s one with private rooms where, one can deduce, each girl gets to do whatever tickles her fancy. And it’s no secret, Kim is not short of personal delights. When asked about when she started wearing clothes that play up her body, Kim grins cheekily and replies, “When I stepped foot into the adult industry.” She was also clear that she had no role models or inspirations. The glamorous life she leads is all her own creation.

As for more personal questions, like how well car seatbelts fit her, or if she ever lounges around her house in her birthday suit? Well, the seatbelt question earned a playful shrug and the confession that she doesn’t tend to use them. Her at-home dress code isn’t quite so strict either. Kim admitted that sometimes, just sometimes, she takes joy in kicking back, sans clothes. To the question of what she wears to bed, Kim radiates innocence while stating that she likes pajamas and to sleep on her side.

When it comes to the perfect t-shirt slogan, Kim showed her humorous side with, “My face is up here.” Not one to shy away from questions about her dating life, Kim shared that she has dated men who weren’t entirely obsessed with her chest. As for the reactions she garners from other women? Naturally, some are confounding. She claims to catch some strange looks now and then but isn’t sure whether they’re born out of jealousy or something else. But one thing is for sure; Kim Velez is living life on her terms and savoring every naughty moment. To see more of Kim Velez, take a closer look at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


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