Kim Velez appears uniquely naked, even while donning her clothes

“Oh, Kim Velez! Where to start with that Colombian firecracker,” said the SCORE photographer with an undeniable gleam in his eyes. He had just returned from meeting the tantalizing Kim, a girl-next-door knockout who would make anyone blush. She first lit up our cameras back in 2018 and has held our hearts captive ever since! You see, it’s not only her killer curves that have us under her spell. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a beguiling blend of sultriness and shyness that’s as irresistible as a scoop of dulce de leche on a hot day. And speaking of sweet treats, have you seen Kim’s latest photos? Don’t drop your jaw just yet.

“But wait, there’s more!” He hurried to add, “Kim’s assets? Well, they’re even more voluptuous than before.” He wore a smirk reminiscent of the cat who got the cream. The Columbian and Venezuelan models are known for using the word ‘delicious’ to describe such knockouts, and boy, was it fitting here! “Kim is one of the most sensational finds in recent years,” he added with a knowing nod. Unfazed by the attention, Kim shared that her curves were all-natural—no pumps, no fillers. Yet, she acknowledged the wide-eyed stares she commands everywhere. “My bottom seems bigger now. Everyone says so,” she confessed with a naughty grin.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Contrary to her bombshell image, Kim tends to play it coy in public: web-cam shows and photoshoots are one thing but donning scanty swimwear in public? That’s a no-go for Kim. She insists on modesty; stating that ill-fitting swimsuits could come across as vulgar or disrespectful. Our readers, however, can’t seem to forget her spicy scene with Zafiro Herrera back in May 2020. The girl-girl duo sure hit a home run! For more of Kim, head over to SCORELAND.COM!


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