Juggy Doll Crystal Gunns Modeling Topless

This bra-busting scene of Crystal Gunns is from the DVD Juggy Dolls. After trying on bras, Crystal toyed around.

“Big boobs look nice in clothes,” Crystal said. “I have more sensitivity in my boobs. Every woman has that spot. That’s my spot, the areolae and the nipples.

“I still get noticed, but not as much. I get the look, but that’s okay. I don’t dress to disguise my body although if I’m going shopping, I’ll throw on a big sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, but that’s about it. Sometimes guys will say, ‘Nice rack,’ or they’ll do a double-take. They’ll stare at me more than girls will. Girls are just bitches and I don’t understand it. I never did.”

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